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Hey everyone :) So I know this normally isn’t what I post on my Tumblr, but I thought I would share something I do with my everyday free time. I really love Magic the Gathering and have been painting cards for a year now.

I bought these Mox Diamonds on eBay, all in extremely damaged condition, (for virtually nothing..) and I thought I would show you guys how much they can be fixed up by altering them. :) They currently just have grey bases on them, but still! It’s a cool transformation, and gives you a great outlook on buying Heavy Played cards like these, because they can be fixed up quite nicely :) Look at how much better the text boxes look than they did originally. It’s a huge difference!

Sorry to all my normal followers! :P

mtgfan is the only magic blog I follow, so I thought I’d tag you :)

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